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The Human Resources Job Skills Certificate program provides an overview of the functional areas of Human Resource Management. Among the issues discussed are how to recruit and select the best employees, how to determine fair compensation, how to use benefit and performance appraisal systems that reward high performance, how to comply with federal and state employment laws, and how to negotiate and resolve employment disputes. The courses offered are intended to help those interested in creating a work environment that promotes teamwork and encourages employee excellence.

Program Learning Outcomes: Identify the legal and ethical context of Human Resource Management.; explain the Federal, State, and local laws that affect public and private employers.; describe the importance of staffing an organization including planning, job analysis, recruitment and selection of staff; explain labor relations and collective bargaining agreements in the public and private sectors.

Completion of 11 units is required to earn this sills award:

BSAD P120 - Prin of Management and Operations 3 units

BSAD P122 - Human Resource Management 3 units

BSAD P140 - Business Law 3 units

BSAD P162 -Entrepreneur Mentor/Internship 2 units


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