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The Associate in Arts in Philosophy for Transfer program prepares students to continue studies toward a bachelor of arts in philosophy. Successful completion of the Associate in Arts in Philosophy for Transfer guarantees the student acceptance to a California State University (but does not guarantee acceptance to a particular campus or major) to pursue a baccalaureate degree.

Philosophy is the study of fundamental questions related to human experience. What is the good life? What are knowledge and truth? What is the nature of reality? Does God exist? With its emphasis on logical reasoning, philosophy provides insights into how to understand the various meanings of these questions and ways to answer them with applications to everyday life.

With its emphasis on developing strong analytical and logical reasoning skills, a philosophy degree serves as outstanding preparation for law school, graduate school, business school, and medical school. Career opportunities with a Philosophy Baccalaureate degree include a broad range of fields such as business, education, ethics, government, law, management, publishing, religious service, scientific research, social work, and teaching.

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