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MyDegreePath is a quick tool that can be used to check your progress in your degree program. The report displays the courses from which you must select to complete your degree requirements. In this report, you will see a list of General Education and Major Courses along with what degree requirements have been met, are in progress and are remaining.

What is a Student Education Plan? (SEP)

A Student Education Plan (SEP) is a semester-by-semester plan you create with your counselor. It will list the courses you need to complete your degree or certificate in a recommended sequence. The SEP can be used as a guide as you register for classes. A SEP is one of the requirements for priority registration.

Can I change the course sequence on my SEP?

Yes, an SEP is a plan, not a required set of courses. However, some programs such as Veteran's, Financial Aid, etc. will require you to see a counselor before making any changes to your SEP. For most students, however, you can make any change to your SEP as you feel necessary.

Where do I go to complete an SEP?

Stop by the counseling center or call to make an appointment to see a counselor. SEPs are not completed during drop-in advising times, so you will need to make an appointment to see a counselor to have one developed.

Am I required to have an SEP on file?

Some programs will require you to have an SEP on file like Veteran's and Financial Aid. In addition, in order to receive priority registration, you MUST have an SEP on file. It is highly recommended for all of our students to have an SEP on file.

I have a SEP on file do I still need to register for my courses?

Yes, a Student Education Plan (SEP) does not guarantee automatic registration for the courses that are specified in the plan. The SEP is intended to serve as a roadmap to assist students in selecting their courses for each term. Students are responsible for registering for their courses in accordance with the SEP.

How to register

Instructions for current students:

  1. Go to Inside PC to begin the registration process.
  2. Click on MyBanWeb in the top menu bar
  3. Click Add or Drop Classes
  4. Select the registration term and click Continue
  5. Click on Enter CRNs
  6. Type in the appropriate CRNsin the boxes and click on Add to Summary
  7. After registering for your classes, make sure to click on Submit to complete your registration.

Types of registration holds and how to resolve them

Academic Standing (Probation or Disqualification):

Complete the online probation or disqualification orientation at the Probation Disqualification page.


Once complete, call 559-791-2329 to schedule an appointment with a counselor to remove the hold.

Equipment Hold:

These holds occur when a student has unreturned borrowed college equipment (laptops, books, etc). To resolve this hold, you will need to contact the department from which you borrowed the equipment.

Administrative Hold:

These holds are placed when a student needs to schedule a meeting with the Dean of Student Success & Counseling relating to the Porterville College Standards of Student Conduct. For more information please visit the Standards of Student Conduct page.

Outstanding Checklist Items Hold:

This hold typically occurs when the college's registration system views you as a concurrent/dual-enrolled high school student. To remove this hold, please contact Admissions & Records to verify your student status.


For additional hold information, please contact Admissions & Records.

Types of Student Education Plans

  1. Abbreviated Student Education Plan (ASEP)
    1. An ASEP is a one to two-semester term plan. Typically, this plan is created for first-time Freshmen to assist new students in planning their first semester. An ASEP is a great start, but it is highly recommended that students complete a comprehensive student education plan (CSEP)
  2. Comprehensive Student Education Plan (CSEP)
    1. A CSEP is a complete semester-by-semester plan you create with a counselor that maps out your courses in a recommended sequence. The CSEP will act as a guide as you register for classes.

Visit our Student Education Plan page for additional details.


To access your educational plan after you have met with a counselor, follow the following steps:


Step 1: Go to the Porterville College Website.


Step 2: Click on Inside PC (Top right-hand side) and log in.

InsidePC screenshot

Step 3: Click on “Tools” (Top left-hand side), then select MyDegreePath.

Tools screenshot

Step 4: Click on “Plans” (Top left-hand side).

Plans screenshot

Step 5: Under Plan List, click on the most recent plan to view the classes in your plan.

Plan List screenshot

If you have any questions regarding your education plan or if any changes are needed, please get in touch with the Counseling & Advising department at (559) 791-2329 / (559) 791-3663 or by email at for an appointment to discuss or create your plan.

What-If Analysis


MyDegreePath also features a “What-If” analysis that allows students to explore different majors and fields of students. The What-If analysis calculates what courses you need to complete in another field of study.

To create a What-If Analysis, follow these steps:


Step 1: Go to the Porterville College Website.


Step 2: Click on Inside PC (Top right-hand side) and log in.

InsidePC screenshot

Step 3: Click on “Tools” (Top left-hand side), then select MyDegreePath.

Tools screenshot

Step 4: Click on WorkSheets.

Worksheets screenshot

Step 5: Click on “What-If.”

What If screenshot

Step 6: Complete the required fields and click on Process.

What If Analysis Screenshot

Important Dates

 list of important dates

Next Steps:

Meet with your Counselor / Advisor regularly to ensure you are on track to completion. Counseling / Advising Appointments are offered both in-person and remotely via Zoom.

Take advantage of the support services offered. Visit the Student Services page for more information.


What is the Difference Between a Major and a Degree?

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