Counseling and Advising

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The mission of the Advising and Counseling Department is to foster and promote the academic, personal, and social development of our students by providing a wide range of services to help them resolve personal difficulties and acquire the skills, attitudes, and knowledge that will enable them to be successful.

Counseling Center at PCMethods of Communication Include:

  • Telephone
  • Email
  • Video - Using Zoom
  • Refer to the PC website for additional information and contact information regarding other services and programs.
  • Provide your full Name, Student ID and Phone Number when you email anyone on campus.

Please visit Online Advising for additional information.

Ph: 559.791.2329 or 559-791-3663


Note: Please have your Student ID number ready to provide to the scheduling staff.

Services Include:

  • Ensuring you are taking the correct classes
  • Refer you to other support services
  • Health and wellness
  • And much more

The Following are Key Tips to Your Academic Success:

  • A. Meet with a counselor during the first month of your first semester at PC to develop a Student Education Plan (SEP).
  • B. Schedule a follow-up appointment with the counselor who developed your SEP at the beginning of each semester and schedule additional follow-up appointments for further assistance.
  • C. Communicate with your instructors throughout the semester.
  • D. Ask questions.

Remember, we are here for you!

Counselors: Assist students to develop Educational Plans, pre-requisite overrides, personal and academic counseling, transfer, and career exploration.

Educational Advisors: Assist students in reviewing educational plans, academic and career exploration, and transfer information. For an appointment call:

General: 559-791-2329 or 559-791-3663 email:

EOPS/CARE/NextUP: 559-791-2224 email:

CalWORKs: 559-791-2303 email:

Disability Resource Center (DRC): 559-791-2215, email:

Veterans Resource Center (VRC): 559-791-2222, email:

The following table provides a list of counselors and educational advisors.

Counselors Educational Advisors
Hector Briseno Monica Daniels
Araceli Carranza Rosaura Ceballos-Baca
Leah Camarena Jacob Sandoval
Ana Ceballos

Antonio Salazar

Katherine Figueroa Janice Halopoff
Kongming Mouanoutoua Kristi Covington
Christine Okialda  
Stephanie Olmedo-Hinde  
Ena See  
Patty Serrato  
Cody Ridenour  
Yolanda Vasquez  
Dr. Lisa Prieto  
Mee Miranda  
Maria Moreno  
Megan Wynn  
Alexis Duran  
Billyjean Cabunoc  
Jackie Escareno Salas