Online advising

Welcome to Porterville College Online Counseling Services!


Online counseling is an easy way for students to meet virtually face-to-face with a counselor using Zoom.

Before you get started, make sure you meet the following technical requirements:


  • Desktops or Laptops (preferred): Use the latest version of Google Chrome as your internet browser.
  • Have audio and web camera settings enabled
  • Mac OS: System Preferences → Settings → Privacy
  • Windows: Start → Settings → Privacy
  • Use built-in microphone or have headset with microphone ready
  • For Mobile Devices: for Android or tablet, use Google Chrome.

Counseling Center at PC


To Schedule an Online Counseling Appointment Contact:

Provide your phone number to the staff when you schedule your appointment. The Counselor or Advisor will call you at the time of your appointment or when it is your turn to be seen during a walk-in time.

  • Counseling & Advising Center: 559-791-2329 or 559-791-3663
  • EOPS/CARE/CalWORKS & Foster Youth: 559-791-2224
  • Disability Resource Center (DRC): 559-791-2215
  • Veteran's Resource Center (VRC): 559-791-2222

Late Arrival Policy:

As a courtesy, please make sure you are on time for your appointments. However, we do understand that unexpected events may arise. Arriving late to an appointment will reduce your appointment duration by the amount of time you are late.

Students arriving more than 10 minutes late will be required to reschedule their appointment.

No Show Policy:

If you are unable to attend your appointment, please contact the Counseling Center at 559-791-2329 (or 559-791-3663) 24 hours in advance and our support staff will help you reschedule your appointment.


Step 1. Schedule an Online Appointment

You can schedule an Online Counseling Appointment through Zoom or phone call by calling one of the phone numbers above.

Step 2. Receive Appointment Confirmation Email with Link

When you schedule an online appointment, you will be sent a link via your Porterville College email (please refer back to this link to connect to appointment).

Step 3. Log on to Zoom Meeting

5 min before your scheduled appointment, click on the link that was provided in the appointment confirmation email.


  • If the counselor is in session with another student, you will be required to wait in the Zoom waiting room. Once the counselor is ready for your appointment, you will be allowed to enter the room.

If you do not have access to a computer or have technical issues, then the counselor will call you at the phone number provided to assist you by phone.

Your privacy is important to us! Please find a private location where you will be able to communicate with the counselor comfortably. The counselor may share confidential information that needs to remain private.

Walk-in Availability:

  1. Contact the desired program above to be added to the walk-in list. The next available Counselor or Advisor will contact you.
  2. Students are seen on a first-come, first-serve basis.