Certificate of Competency: English as a Second Language (ESL)

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Introduction to English as a Second Language

The ESL program offers credit and non-credit classes throughout our rural communities, community centers, and Porterville College. Credited ESL classes are intended to prepare students for college-level classes. Non-credit ESL classes are free and are designed to help non-native speakers develop the necessary skills needed to communicate effectively in the workplace, at home, and the community.

Steps to Apply

In order to enroll into an English as a Second Language (ESL) class, you must complete the following steps:

  1. Complete the Porterville College Application. If you have problems with the application process, please contact Admissions and Records at pcar@portervillecollege.edu or (559)791-2206 or (559)791-2402. You can also download ESL application steps for guidance.
  2. Complete the Porterville College Orientation. The orientation is currently offered online. Please email hector.briseno@portervillecollege.edu for more information.
  3. Complete both ESL Guided Self-Placements for Grammar & Writing and Listening & Speaking.
  4. Schedule an appointment with the counselor to complete a non-credit education plan for non-credit and credit ESL courses after completing the ESL Guided Self-Placements. You can schedule an appointment by calling (559)791-2329 or (559)791-3663.

Classes Offered

The ESL program provides three distinctive levels of ESL that include High Beginning, High Intermediate, and Advanced for the non-credit ESL classes. Students will receive an ESL Certificate of Competency for each level that is completed. For more information on the ESL sequence, please see the ESL Sequence Chart for Porterville College below.

ESL Chart

ESL Faculty Directory

  1. Hector Briseno (Counselor) - (559)791-2237 - (559)429-5707 - hector.briseno@portervillecollege.edu
  2. Antonio Salazar (Advisor) - (559)791-2415 - (559)376-7216 - antonio.salazar@portervillecollege.edu
  3. Kimberly Agustin - kimberly.agustin@portervillecollege.edu
  4. Sofia Cook - sofia.cook@portervillecollege.edu
  6. Bulmaro Cisneros - bcisnero@portervillecollege.edu

Adjunct ESL Faculty

  1. Maria Martinez - maria.martinez@portervillecollege.edu
  2. Tony Park - tony.park@portervillecollege.edu
  3. Javier Aguirre - javier.aguirre@portervillecollege.edu
  4. Tommy Her - tommy.her@portervillecollege.edu

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are the non-credit ESL classes?

The classes are free to students.

How can I register for ESL classes?

In order to register for an ESL class, the student must complete the required steps. For more information about how to become a Porterville College student, please click here. You can also call the Student Services center to speak with one of our personnel and obtain more information by calling (559)791-2329.

Are ESL classes offered in the summer?

Yes, ESL classes are offered in the summer. To find out more about which ESL level classes will be offered, please visit the Class Schedule Search page or call (559)791-2329 for more information.

Where are ESL classes currently offered?

Porterville College currently offers English as a Second Language classes at Richgrove School District, Sunnyside Elementary School in Strathmore, Church of God in Poplar, Pixley Elementary School, Commission Honorifica Mexicana in Porterville, and Porterville College. For more information, please call (559)791-2237 or (559)791-2415.

How do I transition from one ESL level to the next?

ESL Instructors have identified the student learning outcomes for every class. Each instructor will determine whether your English abilities are at the appropriate level in order to be promoted onto the next level. The instructor makes the recommendation based on the information obtained from test scores, class assignments, and attendance. Students promoted, will be informed about their progress and whether they have completed met the requirements to receive an ESL Certificate of Competency.

What do I do if I have to make changes to my schedule due to work or personal circumstances?

Make sure to let the instructor know if you have problems with your schedule or you will not be attending. If possible, we can look at other class options that will best fit your schedule.

What classes can I take once I finish the ESL Sequence?

As a Porterville College student, there are many educational and career opportunities available to you. A great place to start after completing the ESL classes is scheduling an appointment with the counselor to explore different majors and careers of interest. Once you found a major of interest, a comprehensive education plan is created to inform you about what classes you should

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is a language and literacy program that provides structured learning tailored to each of the student’s goals. While engaging in short-length activities through phone, tablet, or computer, students will be able to develop the fundamental reading and pronunciation skills at no cost. For more information, please contact Hector Briseno at hector.briseno@portervillecollege.edu


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