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Learn English to Break Barriers! Start at Porterville Adult School and continue through Porterville College!

Benefits of starting at Porterville Adult School:

  • Flexibility
  • Survival skills
  • Daily living

Benefits of continuing onwards to Porterville College ESL program:

  • Gateway to college certificate and degree programs
  • Upward mobility at current occupation or if you would like to change jobs
  • First steps towards 4-year degrees

Benefits of both:

  • Access to community resources and social services presentations

Benefits of ESL Pathway:

  • Access to Porterville College's ESL Educational Advisor and Counselor
  • Presentations from Porterville College about programs available
  • Invitation to cultural events and activities at Porterville College (ESL Fair, DACA Week, ESL Certificate Graduation)

The following form is to be completed when the student finishes their last course at the Porterville Adult School:

What Students Are Saying

PC Student Sarahi Garcia

"My ESL experiences have been amazing. The reason I started this program is because I wanted to learn English for a long time ago in Mexico, and I tried many times, but the way it was taught was difficult. ...I have good professors who have helped me to get the tools to learn the language easier and faster. They pay special attention to me every day and walk with me in this journey to learn the language. I just started this ESL experience with a goal in mind, which is to learn to communicate in English, but now I want to start a Master's in nutrition because in México I got the degree of Nutritionist/Dietitian. I want to have a Master's or double degree to work also here in the United States because I see the need of people to be healed through food.”
-Sarahi Garcia - ESL Beginning Grammar and Writing


PC Student Fernando



“...I have learned a lot in this class because of how easy ESL instructors taught us the rules and ways of writing the English language. Now, when I read more English and write, I feel more confident that I can express my words and thoughts more clearly. I feel happier because I am learning... Now I have the foundation of the language, and it will be easier in the future to reach my goals. This class has been one of the best classes that I have taken in my life because my English has improved in many ways. The ESL classes will help me to continue with the classes that I want to finish in my business accounting career and be able to work in a company where my services as an accountant are required."
-Fernando - ESL Beginning Grammar and Writing



PC Student Kenny Avalos




"Porterville College has been offering students an excellent program called the ESL program to learn English as a second language. To apply for this program is very easy since all you need to do is to follow the steps on the Porterville College web page. I applied at Porterville College in January because I would like to learn English to get a better job and be able to speak two languages...My favorite class is reading and writing because the professor is very helpful and patient with students, and I am learning grammar too... After I am done with the ESL classes, I would like to study psychology, but first I need to improve my English.”
-Kenny Lisset Garcia Avalos - ESL Intermediate Reading and Writing



Path to Porterville College ESL


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Porterville College Contact

Reagen Dozier - (559)791-2271 -

Porterville Adult School Contact

Larriann Torrez, Ed.D.
Porterville Adult School
1414 W. Olive Avenue
Porterville, CA 93257
(559) 782-7030



Note: the banner that appears below is for the general application to Porterville College. Use the contact information above to learn more about the steps from Porterville Adult School to Porterville College.