Requesting official transcripts

How Do I Order a Transcript?

To protect student privacy, Porterville College has partnered with Certree to enable students to control their data and have the ability to request and share their academic credentials, such as a diploma, certificate, proof of enrollment, proof of degree, and transcript. Credentials you share via Certree are certified and authentic.

Using Certree is the fastest and most economical method to request and share all of your digital academic credentials. Please sign in or sign up for an Individual account on Certree and follow the instructions to retrieve your transcript. You can directly share your transcript via Certree with any third parties.




For more transcript questions, please email us


Check the Status of My Order:

After you share your credentials with a third party, you may check the status by clicking on the document in your Certree vault, and View Share History. You may also receive an email once your shared document has been accessed.

How Do I Access My Unofficial Transcripts?

Students may access their unofficial transcripts at any time by:

  • Login to InsidePC
  • Click the MyBanWeb menu dropdown at the top, next to your name.
  • Select View Transcripts

If you cannot log in to your PC account, email

Unfortunately, if you attended Porterville College prior to 1987, these records are housed in our office and would need to be accessed manually or located in our scanning system. You will need to email to access these unofficial/official transcripts. If you have a Porterville College assigned email account, please make sure to use this when corresponding with our office.

Transcript Policies

Once you set up your Certree vault, you can retrieve your transcripts instantly and share them for free as many times as you'd like. You can also track the status of your transcripts after you share them with third parties. If you intend to use Certree to share your transcript, please sign in or sign up for an Individual account on Certree and follow the instructions. You can share your transcripts with any third parties for verification purposes directly on Certree.


If you do not intend to use Certree, students are eligible for receiving two (2) free transcripts in a lifetime. Complete the Transcripts Request Form and allow for up to 7 business days for the form to be processed. Incomplete forms will not be processed. If you have already used your two free transcripts, do not submit the form as your order will not be processed and can delay the receipt of your transcript order. You will receive an email notification once your transcript request has been processed.

Verification of Enrollment

Please sign in or sign up for an Individual account on Certree and follow the instructions to retrieve your credentials such as proof of enrollment. You can directly share your proof of enrollment via Certree with any third parties.