About the Promise Program

The Promise Program's Financial Assistance


The PC Promise Program is funded by various programs that assist students with tuition and fees while attending Porterville College.


This includes: 

  • Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters
  • Enrollment Fee Waiver
  • Grant Assistance
  • Transportation Passes
  • Food Insecurity Assistance

Student Success and Support

This component of the program ensures that all students complete their college courses, persist to the next academic term, and achieve their educational goal through admissions, orientation, placement, counseling, and student follow-up.

This includes:

  • Meeting with a counselor a minimum of two visits per semester is required 
  • Assigned priority registration
  • Tutoring and academic course assistance available in the Tutorial Center

Program Eligibility Requirements:

  • Current Year CA High School Graduate
  • Apply to Porterville College 
  • Complete the Promise Program Interest Form
  • Declare a Pathway
  • Complete a comprehensive Student Educational Plan
  • Enroll in an INST course (first-year experience)
  • Register for Classes
  • Attend the PC Promise Days

Maintaining program eligibility:

  • Enroll full-time, with on-time completers (30 units per year, meeting the 15 to Finish Campaign)
  •  Maintain Student Academic Progress, SAP
  • Meet two times a semester with a counselor
  • Attend a minimum of two activities or workshops per semester