Porterville College



Library Resources and Services:

Porterville College Library provides information resources in a variety of formats and functions: print books and periodicals, reserves, reference, fiction, poetry, non-fiction, media, Valley Writers, and more.

Computers provide students with access to online databases, full-text electronic books, and the Internet. Wi-Fi is available. Students can do their homework in the study rooms, carrels, and the comfortable, quiet reading area. Card-activated copiers and printers are available.

Key library services include checking out circulating books and reserve items as well as reference librarian assistance.

How to Return or Renew Items

Please note the following policies and procedure:

  • Friday, May 13th is the last day to return all Lending Library items including technology and science materials.
  • You can return Lending Library books and calculators (not laptops, hotspots, or science material) to the silver drop box anytime you like.
  • If students want to renew their books, they can contact us at the email address pclibrary@portervillecollege.edu or by calling 559-791-2318.


The Lending Library

Please note:

  • All items from the Lending Library are due on or before 5/13/2022 for the Spring 2022 semester.
  • Students can begin requesting Lending Library materials for the Spring semester on January 18th.

The Lending Library, located in the Porterville College Library, is now available to students. As of Spring 2019, the Lending Library has expanded to include 150 ESL textbooks, 200 English textbooks, 30 Sociology textbooks, 50 iClickers and 164 calculators for students to check out, at no cost, for the entire semester. The Lending Library currently has textbooks/materials for English, ESL, Math, and Sociology courses.

The PC Library staff is more than happy to assist any students who would like to take part in the program. This program is in collaboration with Equity. We are hoping to continue to expand the program in with more textbooks, please contact the PC Library if you have any book suggestions.

Below is a link to the PC Lending Library Book Contract that needs to be filled out before a book can be checked out by a student.

Please note these participation requirements for the Student Technology Request Form:

  • Must not have any outstanding balances on their account
  • Must not have any outstanding lending materials (i.e. books, laptops, power cords and etc.)
  • Must be enrolled for the Fall 2020 term