BIT Referral

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What is BIT?

The Behavioral Intervention Team, or BIT, at Porterville College serves as the centralized coordinated body for discussion and action regarding students exhibiting behaviors that indicate distress, cause of disturbance in the community, and/or present a danger to oneself or others. Committed to proactive, early intervention, the BIT supports students directly through consultation with campus partners.


Make a BIT Referral

What Should I Report?

  • Marked Change in Academic Levels
  • Social Withdrawal/Depression
  • Alcohol/Drug Use
  • Bizarre or out of the ordinary behavior
  • Threats of Violence or Intimidation


Making a Referral

The referral process begins by making a report. Once a referral is made about a student of concern, a staff member from Porterville College’s Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) will review the information and may contact you for additional information about the student.

Helping Persons of Concern

Once a person is reported, outreach will begin. Staff member will gather more information about the person of concern and may reach out to that individual by phone call or, in some cases, by a series of meetings.