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Student Health and Wellness at Porterville College supports students demonstrating social, emotional, and/or behavioral concerns impacting their ability to fully participate in daily instruction, social activities, or their overall educational experience. Student Health and Wellness is a resource for students to meet and discuss important issues in a confidential setting. We offer services specializing in individual counseling, in-person or remotely, so you can meet in the comfort of your own home. We’re here to support you as you deal with the complexities of college. A Wellness Counselor is available to meet with students via walk-in and/or appointments. Visit the Wellness Counselor located in Student Services. Please call 559-791-2329 to schedule your appointment today.

Mission Statement


Student Health and Wellness provides free, confidential, and professional mental health counseling to help Porterville College students manage everyday stressors so those stressors do not interfere with their academic success. Sessions, training, and interventions will offer emotional and behavioral support to the Porterville College community.


  • Provide crisis care for students in distress
  • Offer confidential support for emotional and behavioral concerns
  • Provide care and resources to the Porterville College community
  • Provide support for students facing non-academic barriers to their learning



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Need to make a Behavorial Intervention Team Referral?

What is BIT?

The Behavioral Intervention Team, or BIT, at Porterville College serves as the centralized coordinated body for discussion and action regarding students exhibiting behaviors that indicate distress, cause of disturbance in the community, and/or present a danger to oneself or others.
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Screening Tools

Free mental health screenings and other valuable resources are available at the following links: