Office of Research

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Welcome to the Porterville College, Office of Institutional Research home page.  This site will serve as the public display forum for information on research activities at Porterville College.  Our research agenda and all of our research is public.  Any comments should be sent to the Institutional Research office using the information below.  Click on any of the links above to see some of our projects.

Porterville College Fast Facts:  For a few quick stats, including some demographic and other information about Porterville College, see our Fast Facts document.  This covers some basic information about the college, including some student demographics, enrollment and basic student success data, and common majors and transfer information.  For information about the entire Kern Community College District, you can look at the district Fast Facts document. 

You can get even more information from the various links above, including planning documents, information about our program review process, and survey and other research reports.

Do you have a specific research need? Use the button below to submit a request to the Office of Research.