Research Briefs

PC Campus

Research Briefs are distributed periodically by the Porterville College Office of Institutional Research to update the college community on work that research findings that impact the college and its students.  Each of the briefs will be posted here for later reference.

Brief # Description Date
Research Brief 22 Student Use of Office Hours and Other Outside of Class Engagement September 2023
Research Brief 21 2022 CCSSE Results Show Progress on Key Benchmarks for Student Engagement December 2022
Research Brief 20 Gender Differences and Student Success December 2022
Research Brief 19 PC Sets Record for Number of Transfer Students May 2022
Research Brief 18 What Do We Know About the Languages Our Students Speak? July 2021
Research Brief 17 How Civically Engaged Are Porterville College Students? April 2021
Research Brief 16 What We Know About PC First Generation College Students October 2019
Research Brief 15 Success or Timely Success?  Graduation and Transfer Rates Shed Light August 2019
Research Brief 14 We May Already Have the Data You're Searching For July 2019
Research Brief 13 Early Data Shows the Promise of Co-Requisite Model in English June 2019
Research Brief 12 Elements of Student Success Report Shows Progress on Completion and Momentum Points August 2018
Research Brief 11 English Cohort Study Shows Value of Norming Across Faculty July 2018
Research Brief 10 How PC Students Perform After Transfer June 2016
Research Brief 9 Ongoing Surveys Keep the College On Track May 2016
Research Brief 8 Student Support (Re)defined Flex Days Brainstorming Report January 2016
Research Brief 7 2011 KCCD Climate Survey:  Porterville Results September 2012
Research Brief 6 2012 Student Satisfaction Survey August 2012
Research Brief 5 ARCC-SPAR project on factors contributing to student success April 2012
Research Brief 4 2011 Faculty Engagement Survey April 2012
Research Brief 3 Student Demographics February 2012
Research Brief 2 CCSSE Student-Faculty Report December 2011
Research Brief 1 CCSSE Key Findings November 2011


September 17, 2014