Parking on Campus

Campus Parking Permits

Parking Permits 

Spring 2024 Parking Permits are now available for purchase. If you have any questions or concerns regarding parking permits, rules, or regulations, please don't hesitate to reach out to Campus Safety. You can contact us at 559-791-2440.


NOTE: Faculty, Staff & Students will receive a ticket if they park in the District or Visitor parking area. 

Traffic and Parking Regulations

General Regulations

  • Students must purchase a parking permit to park on the Porterville College campus. Students possessing a valid State Disabled Person Placard and/or temporary campus disabled parking permit do not require a parking permit. Those students may park anywhere parking is permitted or disabled parking stall on campus.
  • Parking permits are valid only when displayed in the proper manner in/on the vehicle. Proper posting of permits is as follows: Posted on the drivers side, lower left side of the windshield.
  • Parking on the Porterville College campus is in marked parking slots. Vehicles must be parked face forward, within the two painted lines and not over the front painted limit line.
  • Limited time (30 minutes) visitor parking is provided at the front of the college. Porterville College staff and/or students are NOT visitors or guests. Guests/visitors using limited-time parking do not require parking permits.
  • In case of extended visits, guest/visitor parking permits may be obtained at the Information Desk in the Academic Center. The completed guest/visitor parking permit shall be placed in plain view atop the left side of the dash.
  • All parking permits are the responsibility of the holder and/or purchaser and will not be replaced if lost or stolen. Report lost/stolen permits to campus security and complete an incident report, available from campus security or the Information Desk.
  • No person shall drive, park or leave standing any motor vehicle, motorcycle, moped or motor-driven cycle upon any area not designated for motor vehicle use including any lawn, athletic field, practice area, or sidewalk.
  • Read and obey all traffic and parking signs and markings.
  • Anyone receiving a citation is allowed to file an appeal contesting the action. Information is listed on the back of the citation. The decision from a written appeal is final.
  • The minimum fine for citations issued is $25.00.
  • Parking Defined: To park or leave standing any type vehicle, whether occupied or not, other than for the purpose of, or while actually engaged in, loading or unloading passengers and/or equipment. Vehicles shall not be parked or left standing, even though occupied by driver and/or passenger in a loading zone, disabled zone, limited-time zone or any other limited or restricted parking zone, other than that time specified by sign and/or curb markings, or areas not designed for use.

Parking Zones

  • Staff Only Parking: Staff parking zone is reserved for Porterville College staff with a valid staff or adjunct parking permit
  • District Only Parking Zone: Reserved for campus fleet and KCCD vehicles
  • Law Enforcement Only Parking: Reserved for the exclusive use of public law enforcement vehicles.
  • Orange Curbed Zone: District parking zone for “E” (exempt) district vehicles only.
  • Yellow Curbed Zone: Reserved for the exclusive use of public carriers and/or school buses.
  • Yellow Posted Zone: Reserved for the exclusive use of district vehicles; loading/unloading passengers (3 minutes); loading/unloading of materials only (30 minutes maximum). May be used by employees, students, visitors and/or vendors.
  • Green Zone: For the exclusive use of guests and visitors only, limited to 30 minutes. Other special parking permits may be requested at the Office of Admissions and Records.
  • Red Zone: No parking any time - tow away zone.
  • Blue Zone: Reserved for the exclusive use of disabled parking.

August 22, 2022