What is financial literacy?

The financial choices you make now can have long-lasting effects for decades. Financial literacy is the ability to understand and effectively utilize various money management skills and apply them to personal financial management. Here at the Business Innovation Center, we are dedicated to helping you achieve financial wellness by providing information and resources on topics such as budgeting and saving, credit and credit cards, fraud prevention, taxes, investing, and much much more.


Check out Netflix's video from "Money, Explained" to learn more about the world's financial changes and how you can make sure you're not late to the game.



Porterville College has partnered with iGrad to provide access to the award-winning iGrad Financial Literacy Platform! This platform covers multiple essential topics such as budgeting, saving and investing, credit management, scholarships and financial aid, and career development. All are designed to help you build a healthy financial future. But that’s not all! On the iGrad platform, you can learn through a variety of financial tools such as articles, videos, calculators, games, modules, and more!



EECU Money 101

Educational Employment Credit Union's Money 101 and Financial Fitness Center provide you a variety of resources to help you improve your own financial well-being and success. These resources and informational tools include scholarships, videos, podcasts, financial calculators, car buying resources, homeownership, fraud prevention, and so much more.