Alternative media

Alternative Media includes instructional materials, textbooks, college publications, and/or library materials in formats made accessible by assistive technology. Examples of accessible formats include electronic text, audio, large print, Braille, or tactile graphics. Please make your requests as early as possible for timely processing.


How can I receive alternative media services?

If the DRC Counselor has approved alternative media as an accommodation for you, please use the following process to request and receive alternative media services:

As soon as possible after registering for an upcoming semester, submit an Academic Accomodation Request

  • Find required textbook information on the Porterville College Bookstore website.
  • On the Accommodation Request Form, include the following for each book: Book title, author, ISBN#, edition # etc.
  • Meet with Alternative Media Specialist to:
  • Sign and agree to the Alternate Media Policies and Procedures
  • Receive any training you may need
  • Give us your textbook(s) and proof of purchase/lending (receipt or lending agreement)
  • Once alternate media is received, formatted, and labeled, it will be available for the student to access online or pick up from the DRC office.
    • You must provide proof that you have purchased the book before the alternate media can be released to you. If you are renting or borrowing a book, or buying a used book from an individual, please contact the Alternate Media Specialist 559-791-2389 for instructions on obtaining proof of purchase/lending.

When will I receive my materials?

  • Most alternative media requests will be fulfilled within 10 business days.
  • For books in Braille, requests can take up to 4-6 weeks via the Alternate Text Production Center (ATPC).
  • If a book is not currently available in electronic format through any available resources, you have the following option:

Give your book to the Alternate Media staff so it can be converted through a high-speed scanning process. If you choose this option, your book will have the binding removed, then manually rebound with plastic comb binding. With this option, you must own the book. The book cannot be returned to the bookstore.