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CalFresh Food (SNAP) is a program that helps people buy food at their local farmer's market, grocery store, or online via an EBT card which is used like a debit card. Our team helps guide people through the application process.


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What is CalFresh?


CalFresh helps individuals and families purchase the food they need to live happier, healthier lives.


CalFresh is California’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). Formerly known as Food Stamps, CalFresh is financial assistance that is received on a monthly basis to use to purchase grocery items. From CalFresh eligibility to maintaining CalFresh benefits, our passionate team of students and professional staff individually support each student through their CalFresh journey.


Click "Application and Process" to view an expanded list of details on how to apply.

Application and Process
  1. Go to our Cal Fresh page.
  2. Interview
    1. All households will have to complete an interview when they submit a new application. Interviews can be completed in person or over the phone.
    2. During the interview, the county eligibility worker will ask questions similar to those on the application. The interview is to confirm what was reported on the application. They may ask additional questions as well. This is also a time for the client to share anything else about their situation.
    3. If the interview is missed, the household can contact the county to reschedule their interview. County contact information can be found on the appointment letter. You can also contact your County Health and Human Services(opens in new window) department.
  3. Verification
    1. To confirm what was reported during the interview.
    2. A typical verification usually consists of, being asked to submit a form of identity, citizenship, residency, income, expenses, and student verification if applicable. Households will receive a request for verification detailing what needs to be submitted after their interview.
    3. Verifications are not the same for a household.
    4. If a verification is late, sometimes counties can be flexible depending on the situation. Call the county and find out if the household will need to reapply or if they can still submit the remaining verifications.
  4. Eligibility
    1. Household for CalFresh Food purposes is defined as an individual, couple, family or a group of individuals that live together and are purchasing and prepare their meals together.
    2. Mandatory households are:
      1. A married couple who lives together; or
      2. Anyone under 22 and living with their biological, adoptive or stepparents; or
      3. Unmarried couple living together with a common child.
  5. Income
    1. All income should be reported to the County.
    2. The County Eligibility Worker will make the distinction as to what should be counted as income and what is exempt.
  6. Citizenship
    1. You may still potentially be eligible to CalFresh Food benefits even if there are household members who are non-citizens.
    2. Many non-citizen immigrants may be eligible including Lawful Permanent Residents (LPR) and other qualifying statuses.
    3. No, the County CalFresh Food program will not share personal information with ICE.
  7. Students
    1. Any individual between the age of 18-49 and attending an institution of higher education at least half-time.
    2. The student eligibility rule states that they not only have to meet basic eligibility requirements, but they also have to meet at least one student exemption.

A Cal Fresh Guide For Immigrants


Click here to view the guide.

ALERT: important Change to Public Charge Rule


English: Click here for the English version of the Public Charge Rule changes.


Spanish: Click here for the Spanish version of the Public Charge Rule changes.


Porterville College is honored to be a subcontractor of the Center for Healthy Communities (CHC), at CSU, Chico, where we are funded to increase application assistance for CalFresh Food. We are here to help more clients apply and become aware of CalFresh benefits. In addition, CalFresh Outreach creates awareness for Californians who may be eligible for CalFresh Food benefits, also known as SNAP. This includes College Staff who help promote the program, walk people through the application, and ensure they know how to use and maintain their benefits.


CalFresh Outreach is vital to reach Californians who may be eligible but are not receiving benefits. The program helps increase grocery budgets and brings federal dollars to the state.

For every dollar of CalFresh Food (SNAP) spent, it contributes, at least, $1.54 according to the USDA in economic activity(opens in new window). This results in tens of millions of dollars of revenue, creating more jobs and services for local and statewide economies.

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