College Financing Plan

What Is a College Financing Plan?

A disclosure statement showing...

  • Estimated educational costs of attending Porterville College
  • The financial aid Porterville is awarding you to help you meet those costs
  • Other options to help you meet those costs
  • Other data such as loan default rate, graduation rate, & median borrowing

What Does It Do?

  • Helps you make informed decisions about which college to attend
  • Includes grant and scholarship amounts
  • Net costs
  • Graduation Rates
  • Loan Default Rates
  • Median Borrowing

How Do I Get My College Financing Plan at Porterville College?

  • Submit a FAFSA (
  • Complete your file and have it awarded by Porterville College's Financial Aid Office.
  • Then, Find your "College Financial Plan" HERE...
    • Log In to InsidePC (
    • MyBanWeb
    • MyBanWeb Main Menu
    • Federal Shopping Sheet
    • Select Financial Aid Tab
    • Select "Shopping Sheet"

Sample of a College Financing Plan

College Financing Plan Sample Sheet 1

College Financing Plan Glossary