Dr. Claudia Habib President's Office President 559-791-2316 President's Office
Thad Russell Office of Instruction Vice President, Instruction 559-791-2307  
Primavera Monarrez Student Services Vice President, Student Services 559-791-2218  
Erin Wingfield Student Services Dean of Student Success and Counseling 559-791-2332  
Michelle Miller-Galaz Office of Instruction Dean of Instruction 559-791-2432  
Kim Behrens Health Careers Associate Dean, Health Careers 559-791-2322  
Osvaldo Del Valle Office of Instruction Dean of Instruction    
Refugio Rodriguez Office of Instruction Program Director, Dual Enrollment / CTE    
Frank Ramirez Student Services Director of Student Services 559-791-2278  
Roger Perez President's Office Director of Communications and Community Relations 559-791-2209 LRC 509
Jay Navarrette Information Technology Director, IT 559-791-2365  
Jonathan Miranda Admissions and Records Director, Enrollment Services (559)791-2473  
Cameron Anderson Safety and Security Safety and Security Manager 559-791-2459  
Ricardo Marmolejo Student Services Student Equity and Success Director    
Tiffany Haynes Financial Aid Director of Financial Aid 559-791-2447  
Reagen Dozier Office of Instruction Program Director-Title V 559-791-2271  
Ramona Chiapa Foundation Director, Foundation 559-791-2308  
Joe Cascio Athletics Department Athletic Director 559-791-2260  
Michael Carley Institutional Research Director of Institutional Research 559-791-2275  
Maria Battisti Business Office Vice President, Finance and Administrative Services    
Tamara Warren Office of Instruction Director, Dual Enrollment and Early College    
Debbie Lou Angeles Office of Instruction Assistant Director: Academic Technology and Professional Development