Primavera Monarrez President's Office Interim President 559-791-2316 President's Office
Thad Russell Office of Instruction Vice President, Instruction 559-791-2307  
Erin Wingfield Student Services Dean of Student Success and Counseling 559-791-2332  
Michelle Miller-Galaz Office of Instruction Dean of Instruction 559-791-2432  
Kim Behrens Health Careers Associate Dean, Health Careers 559-791-2322  
Osvaldo Del Valle Office of Instruction Dean of Instruction    
Tamara Warren Office of Instruction Program Director, Dual Enrollment / Early College 559-791-2211  
Frank Ramirez Student Services Director of Student Services 559-791-2278  
Roger Perez President's Office Director of Communications and Community Relations 559-791-2209 LRC 509
Manuel Caceres Information Technology Director, IT 559-791-2466  
Marie Braidi Admissions and Records Director, Enrollment Services   (559)791-2473  
Leonardo Espinoza Safety and Security Interim Safety and Security Manager 559-791-2440  
Ricardo Marmolejo Student Services Student Equity and Success Director    
Tiffany Haynes Financial Aid Director of Financial Aid 559-791-2447  
Reagen Dozier Office of Instruction Program Director-Title V 559-791-2271  
Ramona Chiapa Foundation Director, Foundation 559-791-2308  
Joe Cascio Athletics Department Athletic Director 559-791-2260  
Michael Carley Institutional Research Director of Institutional Research 559-791-2275  
Cheryl Sullivan Business Office Interim Vice President, Finance and Administrative Services    
Tamara Warren Office of Instruction Director, Dual Enrollment and Early College    
Debbie Lou Angeles Office of Instruction Assistant Director: Academic Technology and Professional Development    
Fernando Jimenez Maintenance and Operations Executive Director 559-791-2254  
Gloriann Garza Student Services, Gear-Up Gear-Up Program Manager 559-791-2407  
Cur'Neisha Osborne Admission and Records, Outreach and Recruitment Outreach and Rising Scholars Program Manager 559-791-2286  
Jasmin Quinones Student Services, Student Life and Leadership Student Life and Leadership Program Manager 559-791-2393  
Stephanie Beas Nunez Student Services, Career / Transfer / Internship Services Program Coordinator for Career / Transfer / Internship Services 559-791-2244