DualEnroll.Com Resources

At Porterville College, we use DualEnroll.com as the online platform for high school students to enroll and select college courses. We have multiple guides that can be a resource in using the DualEnroll.com platform. These are listed below.


For students:

DualEnroll.com Student Guide

DualEnroll.com Step-By-Step Picture Guide

DualEnroll.com Student Account Creation Video


For High School Staff:

DualEnroll.com High School Guide

DualEnroll.com High School Training Video


All of our PC Counselors and Ed Advisors are trained on the DualEnroll.com platform and can assist students with account creation when they are visiting the high school campus, which occurs weekly when classes are in session.

If you have questions on the platform or would like additional training for your high school staff, you can contact Tamara Warren, the Director of the Early College Program, at (559) 791-2211.