Enroll to Porterville College

Interested students will need to complete the California Community College’s application (CCCApply) as well as the Porterville College application to enroll here at PC. Typically, students complete these two applications at once as the CCCApply application feeds into our PC application online.

Begin the CCCApply application.

Please be aware that this process is the same for traditional high school students as well as students who are homeschooled. If you have any questions on this process, please contact the Admissions & Records Department at 559-791-2220.

Students attending local high schools that request dual courses regularly need to create an account in DualEnroll.com to select dual and concurrent classes. These high schools are:

  • Porterville High School
  • Monache High School
  • Granite Hills High School
  • Strathmore High School
  • Porterville Military Academy
  • Harmony Magnet Academy
  • Summit Collegiate High School

If you are a high school counselor or student not at one of the above high schools, then you’ll need to complete a High School Certification Form to take classes with us. Please complete the form, along with the required signatures, then email it to us at PCdualenrollment@portervillecollege.edu.

All high school students requesting dual enrollment or concurrent enrollment courses will not be able to register until Open Registration. All of the steps above must be completed before students will be able to register. It is important to note that high school students will NOT be able to register themselves into courses as they are “special admit students” here at PC. Students will request courses, then will be enrolled through internal systems here at PC. It is the student’s responsibility to monitor their courses in their InsidePC account.


After becoming a PC student, students will need to create an account on DualEnroll.com as this is the platform used at PC to help high school students complete the registration and enrollment process into college courses.

Follow these DualEnroll.com Instructions to create an account and select your courses for dual enrollment (courses occurring at your high school, during the school day) and/or concurrent enrollment (courses at Porterville College, either online or on campus).

We have a DualEnroll.com training video on how to create an account, if needed.




Step 1: Students will create DualEnroll.com accounts and select courses for dual enrollment /or concurrent enrollment.

Step 2: Parents will receive an email and/or text message to provide consent for their student to take dual enrollment and/or concurrent enrollment courses.

Step 3: The college will review each student account and send notifications to the student or their district if corrections are needed.

Step 4: The high school will review student course requests, provide documentation as needed, and approve the student to take that specific dual enrollment and/or concurrent enrollment course(s).

Step 5: Students approved by their high school and Porterville College for dual enrollment and/or concurrent enrollment courses will be automatically registered and then notified by DualEnroll.com of their registration.