Parents and Guardians


We’re excited your child is interested in taking our college courses while in high school.

We hold Parent Orientations at the end of the Spring term, both in Spanish and English. If you are interested in attending a future Parent Orientation, contact Tamara Warren, the Director of the Early College Program, at (559) 791-2211.

You can also watch a past English virtual orientation. This recording is from a past Parent Orientation that took place in May 2024.

Below are a few important things to note about Porterville College and the Early College Program.

  • Unit restrictions for high school students may apply
  • We use the DualEnroll platform for high school students to register and enroll into our college courses. Students can create an account in this platform by following the directions in our Student Guide.
  • If a student is taking a college course that is occurring at their high school campus during the high school day, then their high school is covering all costs of the course.
  • If a student is taking a college course outside of their high school schedule, then they are a concurrent student here at PC and may be responsible for textbook costs and other student fees.
  • If a student is struggling in a college course, they should “drop” the course and cancel their registration in the class BEFORE the class census date to avoid it being noted on their official college transcript. If your child wants to drop a college course, they should contact their high school counselor or the instructor of the college course.
  • We also offer free tutoring services (online and in-person) to PC students through the Learning Resource Center (LRC).
  • We have a firm FERPA policy in place that hinders us from sharing any student information with anyone that is not that student (or the partnering high school where that student attends). If you want to have your child’s college information shared with you then your child will have to complete our Authorization to Release Student Records form.

There are many Porterville College resources that are available to your child if they are struggling in their college course. These resources are below.

  • PC Directory - Use to find contact information for a PC staff or instructor.
  • Bookstore – eCampus - Find textbooks, and purchase, if needed.
  • Library - Search for resource materials for research papers and access a large lending library.
  • Learning Resource Center - Submit papers for review before submitting for a grade to your teacher. You can also request online tutoring here.
  • Disability Resource Center - If you have an IEP on file at your high school you can obtain additional support services at PC.
  • Student Health & Wellness - As a PC student, you can access free health care services here.

If you are new to the college environment, we have a few helpful terms for you below.

Helpful College Terms


If you have any questions on the Early College Program here at Porterville College please contact Tamara Warren, the Early College Program Director, at (559) 791-2211.