Tuition & fees

Enrollment fees are set by the state at $46 per unit. If these fees are changed by the state, students will be notified of the additional amount owed via their college email address. Bills are not mailed to students. They are available under the Schedule/Bill item in BanWeb.

Summary of Fees (2023-2024)

California Resident (see eligibility requirements for CA residency):

  • Enrollment Fees per Credit - $46
  • Mandatory Health Fee - $12 (Summer session $9.00)
  • Student Center Fee - $1 per credit (No charge for summer)
  • Student Representation Fee - $2 charged to all students


  • Non-Resident Fee (15 credit maximum charge*) - $342
  • California Enrollment Fee per Credit - $46
  • Health Fee - $12 (Summer session $9.00)
  • Student Center Fee per Credit - $1 ($5.00 maximum charge. No charge for summer.)
    *Credits exceeding 15 will not be charged the non-resident fee. The California enrollment fee is applied to all credits for all students including non-resident students.

Other college fees:

  • Audit Fees per Credit - $15
  • Parking Permit - $20.00 ($10.00 for summer)
  • Academic Transcripts (first two are free) - Official $6.40
  • Emergency Transcripts - $8
  • Student ASB Card - $7.50 fall and $7.50 for spring

Please take note of some of the new terminology being used in our course listings with regard to textbook costs:

ZTC or Zero Textbook Costs = textbooks and/or readings are provided at no cost.

LTC or Low Textbook Cost = Textbook and/or materials do not exceed $50.

Material Fees = Porterville College may require students to provide materials that are course-related, including, but not limited to, textbooks, tools, equipment and clothing.

Financial Aid

You can apply for Financial Aid by visiting their webpage. You are exempt from the 10-day payment timeline if you are eligible to receive Financial Aid and the Financial Aid department has processed your paperwork.

Enrollment and Tuition Fee Refunds

To receive the enrollment or tuition refund, a student must apply for the refund in the Office of Admissions and Records before the end of the second consecutive semester of non-attendance (Summer session is not considered a semester). Should the college cancel a class in which a student is enrolled and there is a reduction in units which results in a lower fee, the student should request a refund through the Office of Admissions and Records.


Student Health Fee Refund: To receive the health fee refund, a student must apply for the refund in the Office of Admissions and Records before the end of the second consecutive semester of non-attendance.

Other Fee Information

Fees may be paid in person at our Admissions & Records Office. Checks should be made payable to Porterville College for the amount of the fees due and should include your student ID number on the front of your check. You may also pay online through BanWeb.

In addition to the fees listed below, students may have miscellaneous fees for supplemental materials and/or supplies may vary depending on classes taken. Explanation of Fees is below.


Cost/Purpose/More Information

Non-resident Tuition

$342 per unit + $46 enrollment fee per unit: Non-residents. Students who attended a California high school for at least three years and who have a California high school diploma or equivalency may have their non-resident tuition waived. AB 540

Student Health Fee

$12 for Fall/Spring, $9 for Summer: Mandatory Fee. Apprentices attending college under an approved apprenticeship training program, students who depend upon prayer for healing in accordance with a bona fide religious sect, denomination or organization are exempt from paying the health fee.

Student Center Fee

$1 per unit, up to $5 per semester: Charged to students attending classes on the main campus. No fee for summer session

Parking Permit

$20 semester/ $10 summer/ $3 per day: Not required, but recommended. Parking permits not required on weekends. Visitor parking and handicapped parking is enforced at all times. 

Course Audit Fee

Students who have been admitted to the college may enroll in courses as auditors with the permission of the instructor and College President or designee, and subject to the following provisions:

  • Priority shall be given to students who wish to take the course for credit.

  • A student in a course shall not be permitted to change from audit to credit status nor from credit to audit.

  • The cost to audit a class is $15.00 per credit. (Students enrolled in 10 or more units will not be charged this fee.)

A course audit shall be approved under only one of the following conditions:

  • Participation by audit serves a specific educational purpose necessary to achieve the student's educational goal.

  • Participation by audit benefits other registered participants in performance arts or intercollegiate athletics courses.

  • Course Audit forms are available in the Office of Admissions and Records beginning on the first day of class.