Installment Plan Request Form

Read the following before filling out the form below. 


Porterville College offers installment payment plans to assist non-resident students in making their tuitions and fee payments over the course of a semester (e.g. Fall or Spring).

For non-traditional semesters (e.g. Summer) and additional questions, please contact the Office of Financial Aid.

Installment Plans are only for students who owe Non-Resident Tuition. 

What costs are eligible for a payment plan?

Tuition and fees: (basic registration fees, course fees, and non-resident tuition)

What are the fees charged at Porterville College?

The fee structure for Porterville College can be viewed here. 

The state legislature imposed enrollment fees to all students enrolling in credit courses. (Education Code, Section 72252, Title 5, Sections 58500-58508). The California enrollment fee is dependent on state legislature action. The college reserves the right to increase or decrease “fees” based on legislative mandates. 

How do I pay my fees?

Fees may be paid by cash, check or by credit card to Admission & Records, Business Office, or online through InsidePC. Checks should be made payable to Porterville College for the fees due. Additional fees based on usage may be charged in some classes for supplemental materials and/or supplies.

For Financial Aid Non-Resident students: The Installment Plan payment schedule dates will coincide with the Pell grant disbursement dates and will be viewed as a financial aid fee deferral.

After Submitting the Form

Your Financial Aid Technician will contact you upon submission of the Installment Plan Request Form below and will set up an appointment to complete and sign the Petition for Non-Resident Tuition Installment Plan.

  • The student will select the scheduled payment dates and the amount they will pay on those dates.
  • The student’s semester charges must be paid in full by the end of the semester for which the Installment Plan is completed.
  • Beginning the first day of the term, students with an installment plan, owing $200 or more will not be dropped for non-payment of enrollment fees; However, these students will have holds placed on their transcripts, grades, diplomas, and registration privileges until all fees are paid. (Board Policy, 4A8B)
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