Student services faq

Q: I have my student ID, what do I do now?
  • Complete the online new student orientation utilizing your student ID and student email.
  • Now you must obtain your high school transcripts in pdf format.
  • Call 559-791-2329 to schedule an online appointment with a counselor.
  • Email transcripts to the counselor during your appointment.
  • Register for classes.

Q: I have a student ID but I still can't register, what do I do?

  • Does your student ID number start with @00, or is it a CCC ID?
  • If it is a CCC ID, you have not completed your application. You must log into your CCC account and complete the application.
  • If your CCC account states your Porterville College application is submitted, then you must go to PC's Apply page, select “Activate your CCCApply application here” at the bottom of the page, and enter in your CCC ID number.
  • If your student ID number does start with @00, then you must check your registration date.
  • If it is after your registration date, please call 559-791-2329 so that we can trouble shoot your issue.

Q: How do I register for classes?

Please visit the Registration page for a walk through of how to register for classes.

Q: I forgot my student ID and password, what can I do to get it?

  • To regain your student ID, email, and password, please go to the Porterville College home page.
  • Select the Admissions and records tab.
  • Third column to the right you will see Find my user ID/ Forgot Password, select this link.
  • On this page you will see two boxes, do not enter any information in these boxes.
  • Underneath the second box you will see “Forgot Password”, select “Forgot Password.”
  • From here it will ask you for your personal information and your security question.
  • If answered correctly it will take you to a new page with your student ID at the very top, underneath that it will have your student email, and at the bottom you can create your new password.

Q: I'm currently doing my application and it is asking for a 4-digit number, but I do not remember what it is, what do I do?

That 4-digit number is any set of number you want to have included in your email. If you cannot decide, enter the year you were born.

Q: How do I take my placement test?

We no longer offer placement tests, now we review your high school transcripts (regardless of when you graduated), and give you placement based on your G.P.A.

Q: I was placed in a linked math and/or English course, what does that mean?

  • That means, based off of your transcripts, we think a support class would benefit you in completing math or English.
  • You will take English 101A and you will also take English 01AX to assist you in completing English 101A. You must register for both of these when registering for classes.

Q: How do I register for the linked courses?

  • If you were placed in a linked course, you will search for the support course. Once you find the support course with a time that you like, you will click on the CRN code.
  • Once you click on the CRN code, you should see on the page the corresponding CRN code for the main class.
  • Write both CRN codes down and register for them both at the same time.

Q: I'm registered for classes, what now?

  • Print your schedule bill. The schedule bill will provide: your class location, when class starts, and indicate your outstanding balance. Log onto InsidePC, click MyBanWeb, then class schedule, and then click schedule/bill.
  • Review your book list to ensure you purchase the required books for your classes. Log onto InsidePC, click on your name, click student tab, and then click purchase books for my classes.
  • Schedule an appointment with a counselor to complete your education plan. An education plan will list all your classes required to complete your degree/certificate.

Q: I have a probation hold, what do I do?

Complete the online probation orientation at the Probation Disqualification page. Once complete, call 559-791-2329 to schedule an appointment with a counselor to remove the hold.